Stone Cold Ice Tray

Stone Cold Ice Tray

The Moai of Easter Island are figures that are instantly recognizable to just about everyone, and they’re a popular figure for tiki drawings, carvings and sculptures. We have quite a few moai inspired mugs that we regularly make drinks in, but recently we picked up this Stone Cold Ice Tray that allowed us to bring a little more Polynesian flair into our cocktails.

Stone Cold Ice Cubes for Tiki Drins

The ice tray is molded silicone that forms ice “cubes” in the shape of moai heads. The tray makes just nine at a time, however the ice is long (not unlike the moai themselves), so each piece is quite large. Although it might be a little difficult to see some of the details in the photos, you can clearly see the heavy brow, large nose and slightly pouty lips on each piece of ice. The clearer your ice is, the more distinct the moai features will be. We didn’t do it this time around, however starting with hot water will give you clearer ice than room temperature water.

Easter Island Ice Cubes by Fred

The only drawback to the tray is that the silicone is flexible, so it can be difficult to transfer it fro your counter to the freezer unless you place it on a plate or other flat surface. One overnight stay in the freezer should be more than enough time to set your moai, so you can pop them out and fill up for another batch. We don’t like to use these in just any drink since they can get lost in something too big. Instead, we save them for old fashioneds (whether we’re making them with rum or bourbon) and chilling straight spirits when we’re looking for something to sip.

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