Tiki No – North Hollywood, California

Tiki No Bar in North Hollywood
Tiki No is a great tiki bar in North Hollywood – also known as NoHo, which is where the “No” in this bar’s name comes from – that is a fantastic spot to drop in for a drink when you want to wait out rush hour traffic. The bar is packed with tiki idols, colorful pufferfish lamps and an overall vibe that transports you to somewhere tropical. It’s a good size and there are plenty of tables for groups both large and small, but not so big you will feel like you’re lost in a throng when you want to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Decor at Tiki No

Decor at Tiki No

We come in here on a regular basis because it’s easy to get to and just a short drive for us. They have a well-rounded tiki cocktail menu and the prices are pretty reasonable, but they can also make tiki drinks that are off the menu for those who have a particular favorite, as well as an array of other cocktails for the times that you go out to drink with a friend who just doesn’t want to join in with tiki-time. The drinks are flavorful and well-made, but aren’t quite as strong as the drinks we’ve had at some other tiki bars. This is a good thing for those who want to be able to drive home without spending all night in the bar, and for those who want to be able to enjoy more than one cocktail at a time!

Chief Lapu Lapu and Jungle Bird at Tiki No

They have a variety of special events, from kareoke nights to food truck nights and other evenings where they offer live music, but they have happy hour every day and you can get a good deal on some of their most popular drinks. As far as the happy hour menu goes, I’m always in for a Chief Lapu Lapu.

Tiki No Happy Hour

Tiki No doesn’t serve any food (besides bags of chips) but they will let you bring in your own from outside. This might come from a food truck parked out front or from a pizza place down the street. There is a place right next door, but we love ordering delivering from Pitfire Pizza, just up the street. Not only do we love that they deliver, but their crust is great and their pizzas are made with all kinds of amazing toppings that go extremely well with tiki drinks, even if they’re not traditional tiki fare.

Tiki No Bar

Tiki No
4657 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA
(818) 766-0116

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  1. Linda J. Williamson at 9:27 pm

    Yes, but super disappointed by their “no tiki music” policy. We requested Martin Denny or Esquivel and were quite rudely rebuffed by the DJ last Saturday.

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