Tiki Tastings: Skipper Rum

Skipper Rum
When a rum puts “The Best In This Rum World” on their label (and on their cap), they are raising your expectations for their spirit even before you’ve cracked open the bottle. Skipper Rum does exactly this. It’s a dark demerara rum from Guyana, made with a recipe that has been in continuous production – and using the same label art! – since 1930. The rum is a blend if seven different dark rums that are all aged for at least three years. The label calls it a navy strength rum (as did the man at the liquor store who pulled this gem out for us), but it is bottled at 45% ABV, which puts it at a lower alcohol content than many of our other navy strength rums.

You can smell molasses, dark brown sugar and a bit of both caramel and oak on the nose of this rum. The dominant flavor in the rum itself is molasses, and it is a rich, dark molasses that has just the right balance of bitterness and sweetness to it. It almost reminds us of gingerbread, but with less aggressive spicing. It is very smooth and has a slow finish that fills your nose with brown sugar and spice. It’s actually delicious on its own and we don’t always sip darker rums. It also brings some wonderful complexity to cocktails that use dark rum. We really like this rum, but we’re hesitant to say that it is the best in “this rum world” we’ll stick with very, very good for now – said as we mix ourselves up another Dark n’ Stormy with Skipper in it.

Rum Rating: 4/5

Rum Rating Scale:
0/5 – Is this even rum?
1/5 – Bad. Not worth buying and not worth drinking
2/5 – Not very good, but could be covered up with mixers.
3/5 – Good, versatile rum.
4/5 – Great rum, with complex flavors that is outstanding on its own or in cocktails.
5/5 – Amazing rum. Don’t even think about covering it up with mixers.

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