Modern Missionary

Modern Missionary
The Missionary’s Downfall is a classic tiki drink that is one of our favorites, especially in hot weather. Invented in 1948 by Don the Beachcomber, the cocktail combines fresh pineapple, mint leaves, peach brandy, lime juice and rum (of course) with ice and blends it all together. The resulting drink is light, fruity and is flecked with green from the fresh mint. It’s a great drink to batch when you’re having a party and you can easily put a little twist on it by changing up the rums, though Beachbum Berry notes that original calls for a light Puerto Rican.

This Modern Missionary is inspired by the Missionary’s Downfall, but it’s a little bit more refined than the original. It doesn’t use a blender and instead of using fresh mint, it uses a mint-infused simple syrup that means you won’t get little bits of mint stuck in your teeth or clogging your straw (because there is always a bit of mint that doesn’t quite get pulverized). It still has all the same flavors you’ll find in the Downfall, which is great for those of us who love the original, but don’t always love pulling out our blenders.

Modern Missionary

Modern Missionary
1 1/2 oz white rum (we used Flor de Cana)
1 oz fresh pineapple juice
3/4 oz fresh lime juice
1/4 oz peach brandy*
1/2 oz lime-mint simple syrup

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Shake vigorously until cold, then strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with a mint leaf.


Lime-Mint Simple Syrup
1 handful mint leaves (approx 20)
2 tbsp fresh lime zest
1 cup sugar
1 cup water

Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan and slowly bring to a simmer, stirring to dissolve the sugar. When sugar is dissolved, remove from heat, cover and allow to sit for at least 1 hour. Strain mint and lime zest and refrigerate until ready to use.

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