Modern Tiki on San Diego Living

Modern Tiki on San Diego Living

Last week, in the lead up to Tiki Oasis, we had the opportunity to appear on San Diego Living and show off our book, Tiki Drinks. We bantered, talked about where swizzle sticks come from and even demoed a recipe. We actually had a few recipes prepared, however time flies when you’re on TV and we didn’t get to fit everything in. That just means we’ll have more wonderful recipes to share next time!

Check out our clip here:

Here are the recipes from the show:

  • Stiggins Swizzle (a slightly different version of the San Diego Swizzle we presented)
  • Paradise Beach Punch

And, as much as we enjoyed spending time with Mark on the show, we have to remind viewers that we encourage you to measure your ingredients carefully. Properly measured drinks are going to be much more delicious than drinks where you “eyeball” it – especially when one of the ingredients you are working with is 151!

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