Toasted Marshmallow Tiki Shots

Toasted Marshmallow Tiki Shots

We are big fans of toasted marshmallows, especially when chocolate and graham crackers are involved, and usually have a bag of marshmallows sitting around the kitchen just in case we feel the need to toast some up. After watching a YouTube video that demonstrated how to make shot glasses out of toasted marshmallows, we put the s’mores on hold and brought out the rum to give the technique a try ourselves.

Essentially, you carefully toast the outside of a marshmallow until it is golden brown, then set it aside and allow the interior of the ‘mallow to collapse in on itself. Once your marshmallow has formed a small cup, you need to quickly fill it with rum and shoot the whole thing. It’s messy, it’s fun and it is very delicious. We used The Kraken for our shots. It has some dark molasses and coffee notes that contrast very well with the sweetness of the marshmallow, while some lighter spiced rums might be a bit too sweet for these.

Toasted Marshmallow Tiki Shots

The key to success with your shots is in the toasting of the marshmallow, since it needs to be evenly browned on the sides and top (the top eventually becomes the base of the shot) to have maximum structural integrity. In the original video, the girl making the marshmallows uses an electric burner, which provides a very steady heat. We used a gas burner and had a few overdone ‘mallows before we got the hang of things. Marshmallow shot glasses are not the most stable things in the world once they have been filled with liquid, but they’ll hold their shape long enough for you to snap a few pictures if you make them correctly. We recommend using a small measuring glass to pour in your rum and keep things neat, as it is actually quite difficult to pour directly from a large bottle into a tiny marshmallow cup without spilling.

Toasted Marshmallow Tiki Shots
12 large marshmallows
approx 4-6 oz spiced rum (rec. The Kraken)

Place a large marshmallow firmly on a skewer.
Over a burner on your stove (or an open flame, if you have your BBQ/firepit burning), toast the sides and top of the marshmallow until dark golden. Remove the marshmallow from the skewer and place top-down on a plate. As the marshmallow cools, the interior should sink to create a cup. Repeat with all remaining marshmallows.
When marshmallow cups are ready, quickly fill each with about 1/2 oz (or however much they’ll hold) of spiced rum and shoot the marshmallows. Repeat as needed.

Makes 12.

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