10 Amazing Tiki Wallpaper Designs

10 Amazing Tiki Wallpaper Designs

You can spend your weekends searching through vintage stores and antique shops looking for fantastic vintage wallpaper to finish off your tiki-themed office/kitchen/bathroom – or you can opt for something a little bit more modern and a lot more accessible. There aren’t a huge selection of tiki-themed wall papers out there, but the designs that are out there are fantastic. Here are a few of our absolute favorites – what room will you put them in?

Mid-Century Tiki Gods

For tiki freaks, you can’t go wrong with a wallpaper covered with tiki idols. Tiki Freaks Wallpaper

Tiki Freaks

We love the vintage colors in this tiki-themed wallpaper. Mid Century Tiki Gods

Mid-century Tikis 6a

This darker paper has some fantastic oranges and browns that make it feel like the interior of a mid-century tiki bar. Mid Century Tikis

Tiki Stripe - coconut

Mid-century colors, dramatic stripes and subtle tiki faces. You could put this paper anywhere! Tiki Stripe Coconut

Tiki Bob

This design full of faux vintage posters isn’t for everyone, but it has a ton of flair for anyone who wants to go for it! Tiki Bob’s


We love the texture of bamboo – but paper sure is a lot easier to mount on your wall! Bamboo

Tiki Bar

If you like your bamboo with a bit of color, this funky pattern is sure to be a good choice. Tiki Bar

birds of paradise

This floral print is classic vintage and classic tiki. Birds of Paradise


Every tiki fan loves pufferfish lights, and the paper version is vibrant and fun – and you won’t have to worry about people touching your lights! Blowfish Lights

tiki tok 1

This print is fun, yet simple. This would make a fantastic accent wall in a vintage kitchen. Tiki Tok

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